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Box Save, LLC rents moving boxes and supplies in the Greater Boston area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Box Save a moving company?
We are not a moving company. We deliver the boxes to you. You or a professional mover packs and moves, and we pick them up at your new location.
2I'm hiring a moving company. Can I still use Box Save?
Yes. We hear "our movers loved the boxes" all the time.

Moves generally go more quickly since the boxes are strong and a standard size that stacks easily. Also, there's no taping or assembly at the beginning and no box cutting or disposal at the end of the move.
3What is the environmental impact of reusable plastic boxes instead of disposable cardboard boxes?
Reusable plastic boxes are manufactured once and then used again and again, up to 500 times before being recycled.

Cardboard boxes are used once or twice before getting thrown away. Sometimes they are recycled which requires additional energy and water, or they are incinerated or landfilled.

Producing 1 ton of cardboard uses the following resources:
- 17 trees
- 79 gallons of oil
- 7000 gallons of water
- 42,000 kilowatts of energy

Recycling cardboard takes 75% of the energy needed to make new cardboard.
4What are the dimensions?
The boxes are 27" long x 17" wide by 12" Deep. They are slightly bigger than a standard medium cardboard moving box.

They hold 3.1 cubic feet or 18 gallons of volume. While they could hold 18 gallons of water, we'd recommend against it as it would weigh over 140 lbs! The box could handle it, but your back wouldn't be happy.
5How much weight can the boxes hold?
The boxes are very strong and can hold over eighty pounds. There are no concerns about the bottom falling out like with cardboard boxes.

For the sake of your or your movers backs, we recommend spreading heavy items like books among several boxes. For example, put one layer of books with a pillow or something light on top.
6How much room do they take up?
We deliver them in nested stacks on dollies. Each stack is approximately 5-feet tall. An easy way to think of it is each stack takes up about the same room as a 5-foot tall person.
7Are the boxes clean?
Yes, we inspect and clean each box when it comes back.
8When do cardboard boxes make sense?
Box Save boxes are great for local moves within the Greater Boston area. Cardboard boxes make sense for long-distance moves, moves where boxes are going to multiple locations and would be hard to pick up at a single location, and for long-term storage when moisture isn't an issue.
Box Save is a proud member of Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts

Box Save is a proud member of Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts